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Laxin Lindaas's Week 8 Picks

Alright people, the last week of the PLL season is here and it feature 6 games! There are a ton of playoff seeding implications in this week's games and a huge "Win & Get In" game on Saturday night. Let's get it!

Redwoods vs Whipsnakes

Week 8 starts off with the Redwoods vs the Whipsnakes and some may call this the biggest rivalry in the PLL. Matt Rambo will be back with the Whips this week after being released from the injured reserved list and Justin Guterding will be making his first appearance in a Whips uniform. As a Woods fan I am nervous for Rambo to come back because I know what that thiccc boi is capable of and I feel like he is goin to go off with his new lefty friend Guterding. I am looking for a high scoring battle between the two and honestly I am really struggling to make a pick in this game. On one hand I am a Wood's fan and I obviously want them to win and they definitely can win, but on the other hand it is rare to get the Whips with + odds with their best player (sorry Zed) back. The only way to be a gambler and be a fan is to take the Woods +1.5 and I think that is exactly what I am going to do.

Official Pick: Woods -1.5

The second game of Friday Night will be the Archer taking on the Chaos. The obvious choice here is the Archers because I am pretty sure some of the Canadian Chaos players might not be there due to work visa reason. I am not 100% on this, but I am confident I saw a Chaos player tweet at the POTUS talking about the issue. Again as a Woods fan I am rooting against the Archers because it would help us in the rankings. The Chaos will be led by goalie Blaze Riorden who will be comfortable at Albany since it is his alma mater, and if he can get hot the Chaos will have a real shot at upsetting the Archer. Did i just convince myself that the Chaos will actually win this thing? Yes! I love the Chaos's box style of play and the Archers offense can be contained, plus that +200 is too tempting not to take.

Official Pick: Chaos ML

Saturday starts off with the heavyweight battle of #1 vs #2 when the Atlas take on the Waterdogs. The Waterdogs are coming off a big win against the Whips and are playing well, but the Atlas have been on a tear since Jeff Teat joined the team. For the sake of Pardon My Take and helping the Wood's with seeding I am rooting for the Dogs, but the Atlas look waaayyyyy to dominate to pick against them. The Atlas have beat their opponents by an average of 4.3 goals in their last three games and I feel like they are going to continue their run in week 8 to secure the first seed and the first round bye in the playoffs.

Official Pick: Atlas -1.5

This is the big one folks. The "Win & In" game between the Cannons and the Chrome. The Cannons have been treating the last couple of games like playoff games, but this one really will be a do or die situation. Lyle Thompson will be returning to Albany and is closing in on the single season goal record and it would be a chef's kiss if he was able to beat that at Albany. The Chrome's only hope is that newly acquired Dylan Molloy will shake off the sand from Montauk and come out a shooting. This game has no implications with the Woods seeding so I really am indifferent about it. Obviously I am extremely excited that Dylan Molloy is in the league and would love to see him play another week or three, but I also started this whole blogging thing with a bet for the Cannons to win the whole thing so I would also love to see the Cannons get hot late in the season and make a run. Hopefully the Paul Rabil curse is over and the Cannons win, and if I am picking the Cannons I might as well take them with the spread for the payout.

Official Pick: Cannons -1.5

The Redwoods take on the Chaos Sunday afternoon with both teams playing their second game of the weekend. The Chaos defeated the Redwoods earlier in the season, but I have confidence in the Wood's to avenge their loss. There is a big chance that both these teams meet at 4-4 and will have a lot of seeding implication, which will hopefully will be clearer after the Saturday games. I am expecting a hard fought battle from both teams knowing that playoffs are right around the corner. Looking at the board there really isn't much money making opportunities as a Wood's fan. I am really looking at the over/under in this game thinking that both teams will be a bit tired after the Friday games so maybe the defense is sloppy, but then again you have Blaze in Albany and Big Truss Troutner in goal. Fuck it we are going with the over and hoping that a long weekend for both teams will have more of a strain on the D than O.

Official Pick: Woods ML/Over 23.5

The Archers take on the Whipsnakes for the final battle of the last weekend of regular season play. I think the face off battle will be the difference in this game, and the Nardella with the Whip's has the clear advantage. These extra possessions will lead the Whip's to victory, plus I feel like Rambo will not let his team lose 2 in a row while he is playing (assuming that I am right about Friday's games). The Whips ML is also the only + odds on this game, so it is obvious what I am going with.

Official Pick: Whipsnakes ML

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