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PLL Week 2 Action

Week 1 started off with a one-goal game and ended with a one-goal game, and 6 goals decided both games in-between. The Atlas and the Cannons look dominant being led by the 2 MVP front runners Jeff Teat & Lyle Thompson while the Whips and the Chrome squeaked out wins to go 1-0. The young talent in the league put on a show in Week 1 and will look to continue in Week 2. Let's dive into the matchups.

Chrome vs Woods

The Chrome attack came out hot in the first quarter of week 1 but then slowed down in the other 3. Both rookies Logan Wisnauskas and Brenden Nichtern looked great in their first PLL game and it doesn't hurt when you are playing with the Bull in a china shop that is Dylan Molloy. Sconone looked solid, but after a couple got by him he seemed rattled. The Woods had a competitive first half, but after letting up a 9 goal quarter in the third it was over. Jules Heningburg had himself a day after stepping in at attack when Rob Pannell got injured, and both Myles Jones and rookie Nakie Montgomery had 3 points. Timmy Troutner and Jack Kelly each played one half in net for the Woods, and I have to say as a Woods fan I did not like that call. TD Irelan only went 46% for the Woods at the face-off x whereas Connor Farrell went 61% for the Chrome. The Chrome will be without Jordan MacIntosh and the Woods will be without Sergio Perkovic, but I think that will give Nakie Montgomery some more opportunities. This will be a close game, but of course I am rooting for the Woods to win. I do like Brendan Nichtern over 2.5 at +100 tho.

Chaos vs Archers

I am not gunna lie, the Chaos surprised me and probably a lot of other people last Saturday. They lost in the last second to the Whipsnakes, but led for a majority of the game. The Chaos defense was ferocious and of course had the brick wall that is Blaze Riordan to help them out. The Archers started off slow in week 1 but started to find their groove without Grant Ament towards the end. The Chaos have added back attackman Austin Staats after being kicked out of the league for an off-field altercation, so I think that will add some juice to a team that is already hungry. The more I look at this matchup, the more I like Chaos. The Archers looked dead and out of funk in week one, and Chaos came out swinging with their backups and held the Whips to 9 goals. I think the Chaos will win this one and it helps that they are the underdog at +140.

Atlas vs Cannons

Okay People. This is the game of the week in my opinion. #1 vs #2 and both teams are led by generational talents at attack. Jeff Teat put up 7 points last week and Lyle Thompson put up 6. Both offenses were firing from the start and Teat & Thompson looked dominant. Trevor Baptise had control of the face-off x all day and had a crazy assist and a 2-bomb. Nick Marrocco had 19 saves for the Cannons and JD Colarusso and Jack Concannon split time in net for the Atlas combining for 11 saves. This game will also feature two fantastic rookies with Asher Nolting and Chris Gray. Asher Nolting was a complete mismatch for SSDM's when he came out of the box and Chris Gray had 2 absolute snipes in week 1. The Cannons have an advantage in net and the Atlas have an advantage at the face-off x. I low key like the Cannons +2.5 and highkey like both Teat & Thompson over 4.5, and of course I have to go with Tilt Daddy Drenner over 2.5.

Whips vs Waterdogs

The Waterdogs started sloooowwwwww, they looked awful in the first half and couldn't get anything going. The Whips were competitive the entire game against a surprisingly good Chaos team. I am hoping to see some better chemistry from the Waterdogs offense this week and if we are lucky we will see a good game and a Waterdogs upset, but I don't think it will happen. The Whips are a team that will be in every game and most likely win it in the last minute. Rambo wasn't as productive as he would have wanted to be, but he was still consistently drawing doubles and getting the defense moving. He also will be shooting on Matt Deluca as the Waterdogs are missing stud goalie Dillion Ward to the NLL. I am taking Whips -1.5 and Rambo over 3.5.


I am excited for Teat V Thompson.

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