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PLL Week 3 (Friday)

We are 2 weeks in and it has become clear that it is the Atlas's league and everyone else is just playing in it. The Redwoods absolutely stink and the Chrome are low-key good, the only thing that kinda makes sense is that the Whipsnakes are 2-0 after 2 weeks, but in all honesty, I am loving this PLL season! Let's look dive into the individual games.

Waterdogs vs Chrome

The Chrome have come out in the 2022 season and are 2-0. Their offense is looking extremely efficient with 2 rookies and Sean Sconone is filling in brilliantly between the pipes. The "Milk Man" Connor Farrell has also been dominant winning 63% at the X. The Waterdogs are 0-2 after letting the Whipsnakes come back in the second half last week and have been allowing an average of 14 goals. Zach Currier has started off slow after being the heart of the Waterdogs offense last season, but I think Zach Currier is too good to have a 3 game slump so I do like him at +2.5 points. The Chrome are favored by 1.5 goals and I think that is a bit of an insult after how well the Chrome have played. Rookies Brendan Nichtern & Logan Wisnauskas have been lighting it up alongside the Bull in a China shop that is Dylan Molloy and I am expecting them to put up numbers. Week 3 will be played in Long Island and the Chrome will have hometown boys in Dylan Molloy, Connor Farrell, and Sean Sconone. I see the Chrome lighting up the Waterdogs and am taking them by a million.

Atlas vs Whipsnakes

Both the Atlas and The Whips are 2-0 but the Whips only have a score differential of +2 and the Atlas have a +16. The Atlas are rockin and a rolling and I really cant see anyone getting in their way. The Whipsnakes will be a good matchup for the Atlas as they are 2 time champs, and although they haven't looked like the whips of the past *Cough* No Zed Williams *Cough* they have still found a way to win. Jeff Teat has been unstoppable and is the MVP favorite after putting up 12 points in 2 weeks. The oddsmakers have finally reasoned up and set his over at 5.5 at +110 and I am all in on it. I am a little nervous about it since he had a last second cover last week, but I would hate to see him go off for another 7 point game and be there thinking "I'm not surprised." As a Redwoods fan I do not like the Whips, and quite frankly hope to see them get humiliated by the Atlas, but I think they will keep it respectable. I can see LI native Justin Guterding having a good day and will also be taking him for +2.5 points. The Atlas are favored by 1.5 goals and again I think that is insulting as they have molly whopped their opponents in the first 2 weeks. I am also taking the Atlas to cover the 1.5 spread.

Friday Overview

Honestly I am getting tired and the PLL site and app just crashed so I can not look at any stats. The Chrome are going to blow out the Dawgs, and the Atlas should blow out the Whips but that just means it will be a last second thriller. Stay tuned for my Saturday predictions.

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