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Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the 2021 PLL season has come and gone, and we learned a lot about the league. All five games were interesting and we even got some free lacrosse with the first OT game of the season. I apologize for getting Week 2 Recap out late, but I tried a different style of recap where I basically run though each game goal by goal, and realized it took longer then expected. I did not travel to Atlanta so no food reviews this week, but we have a lot of lacrosse to talk about. Lets get into it.

Friday Night Lights

The Waterdogs and the Chaos each fought for their first win of the season on Friday night. The Chaos came out hot with rookie Mac O'Keefe scoring his first goal in the PLL, and let's make it a 2 bomb. The Waterdogs were quick to answer with a 2 pointer of their own from Mikie Schlosser. This is followed up by a crease dive goal from Cloutier. The Waterdogs challenged that his foot was in the crease before take off, but the goal stood for the Chaos. Mikie Schlosser scores again for the Waterdogs with a lefty rip down the alley. The Chaos get called for offsides, and the Waterdogs get a man up. The Waterdogs man up looked extremely stale in week one, but Connor Kelly quickly put that out of his mind as he ripped a 2 pointer three seconds into the power play. The Chaos answer with a 2 pointer from Jake Froccaro in transition. Ben Reeves ends the quarter with a little flash back of his Yale days flying by a defender, and ripping a lefty goal. Man what first quarter! Each team has two 2 pointers and it is a one goal game with the Waterdogs leading 6-5. The Second Quarter scoring starts off with Connor Kelly dribbling one by Blaze Riorden. This is followed up by Mikie Schlosser's "Thunk" goal. These were the only two goals of the second quarter, but Mikie Schlosser is stealing the hearts of millions of fans in this game.

The Second half start with the Peacock stream cutting in to a Josh Byrne shovel goal followed by another quick goal for the Chaos from Kyle Jackson. Chaos go from 0 goals in the second quarter to two quick ones in the third. The Waterdogs force the crease and Ryan Brown get yard saled, the ball trickles its way past Jack Rowlett and right to Ben Reeves on the doorstep where he finishes. Josh Byrne is running out the clock on a man down and as the Waterdogs switch up the mactchup, Byrne hits an inside roll and a finish. Byrne brings the Chaos within one. The Chaos again can not pick up a gb and actually lob it right to Ryan brown for a step down goal. Waterdogs increase their lead 10-8. Ben Reeves scores his 3rd goal of the day with a little left to right dodge from behind. Ryan Brown makes a nice move on an approaching defender and is able to sting one from 10 yards out. Waterdogs continue to move the ball around well, leading to another Ryan Brown step down. The Waterdogs continue their scoring run with Zach Currier scoring an insane low angle goal.

The Waterdogs gained a 6 goal lead and the Chaos did not have enough time to finish their comeback attempt. The Chaos did end up scoring 4 goals in the last 5 mins, including Jake Froccaro's second 2 pointer of the day. Overall the Waterdogs looked cleaner on both sides of the field and I saw the Chaos force the crease a bit too much. Waterdogs win 14-12

Saturday Games

Whipsnakes vs Cannons

The Saturday games started of with Whipsnakes taking on the Cannons on NBC and Tilt Daddy Drenner got the game started with a lefty rip sweeping across the field with force. The next goal would also go to the Cannons with rookie Rehfuss shooting around his defender after getting to the island on the right side. Cannons up 2-0. Connor Kirst gets the Whipsnakes on the board with a nice rocker dodge from up top and finishing with a nice low release. Then we see Jay Carlson pick up a garbage goal that he is known for and ties it up. Cannons try and challenge but the goal stands. Joe Nardella wins the ensuing face-off cleanly, draws a slide and hits Zed Williams right in the box for an easy step down for the reigning MVP. Chris Hogan gets a penalty for the Cannons and Matt Rambo finds an easy one after a couple of pump fakes on the low left wing. Whips go on a 4 goal run to end the first quarter and continue that run into the second with a righty 2 bomb from Mike Chananchuk on the run. Then Paul Rabil stopped the bleeding with this highlight goal.

The Whips answer fast with a nice feed from Rambo to Matt Smith on the inside. Brodie Merrill gets a penalty for a late hit giving the Whipsnakes another man up. Ryan Tierney took a rip from deep and Jay Carlson was there to pick up the rebound for another garbage goal. After a couple good possessions but missed shots from the Cannons, they finally catch a break when the Whips left Lyle wide open on the crease after a quick restart on a moving pick. Lyle buries it from in close. Whips head into half up 8-4. The Cannons score first in the second half with a quick left to right swim and step down from Rabil. Then we get a beautiful goal from Lyle Thompson after driving up the right wing, rolling inside, and snapping it back hand. The Whips answer with Zed Williams just bullying his way to the island and shooting through his defender. Nardella scraps for the ensuing face-off and he again hit Zed Williams for an easy step down. The Cannons respond with Tilt Daddy Drenner driving to the left side and sneaking one past Bernlohr. The Cannons build some momentum as Lyle Thompson makes his defender fall over and rips another goal. Lyle again dodges hard and drives down GLE to eventually get underneath his defender and gets a shot off before taking a hit in front of the crease but scores bringing the Cannons within one goal. The Cannons momentum slows as they give the Whipsnakes another man up where Brad Smith capitalizes with a step down. After a long possession from the Cannons Tilt Daddy Drenner get his third of the day this time coming up from behind the cage on the right side. Zed William scores from a little pass down pick down action to help Zed get to the middle of the field with his hands free. Zed gets another quick one from Nardella, this is the third time we have seen this exact play from this duo. Cannons respond with a deep 2 pointer from Deemer Class bringing the game within one. Whips up 13-12. Zed Williams gets his sixth goal of the day again just powering through stick checks and finishing. Stephen Rehfuss responds with a low to high rip and again brings the Cannons within one. Andrew Kew finishes in the last minute after some chaotic transition and ties it up with 40 seconds left. Neither team scores in regulation and we get the first OT game of the season. Both teams get a chance in OT but John Haus scores the game winner for the Whipsnakes and they remain undefeated in 2021. Whips win 15-14.

Redwoods vs Atlas

This game broke my heart as a Redwoods fan. The Redwoods came into this game 2-0 and looked like the best team in the league, but the Atlas came out and gave them all they could handle. In stereotypical fashion, the hometown kid Myles Jones scores first in this game with a lefty alley dodge rip. The Atlas force a turnover by pressing out on SSDM Harbenson, and Eric Law ties it up after backing his man to the crease and shooting around Troutner. Atlas take the lead after Eric Law finds Bryan Costabile for an easy step down. Redwoods tie it up when Ryder Garnsey sets up Pannel with a short stick and Pannel scores in the last seconds of the first quarter. Rookie Jake Carraway give the atlas the lead after using Kyle Harrison as a screen and shooting around him. This goal gives Carraway some juice as he scores a highlight reel goal next for the Atlas.

Rab Pannel bring the Redwoods within one before the half with an athletic crease dive. Atlas up 4-3 at half. At this point in the game the Redwoods are playing sloppy and simply being out hustled by the Atlas. Jack Concannon is playing lights out and stuffing the Redwoods from in close. This continues in the second half as the Atlas score a transition goal from Mark Cockerton after Concannon made a doorstep save and a clean break. This is followed up by the Redwoods D ball watching and allowing Eric Law an easy finish in front. Jake Carraway scores a quick one after just absolutely ripping the ball from a fast break off the face. Atlas up 7-3. This time the Atlas D was ball watching and Pannel finds Kavanaugh in the middle for a Redwoods goal. The Woods are starting to find their grove offensively as Jones finds Henningburg on the left wing for a goal. Then we get a beautiful long pole goal from Garrett Epple after a clean interception to bring the Redwoods within one. Atlas up 7-6

The Atlas stop the Redwoods run with a Jake Carraway 2 pointer. Myles Jones again proves himself as a distributor and finds Pannel on the doorstep. Jack Concannon continues his brick wall impression and stuffs Jack Near from close, but I would like to highlight that Ryder Garnsey had a beautiful lever pass from behind. The Atlas then go on to score 3 more and take a 5 goal lead and the Atlas were up 12-7 with 3 mins left. The Redwoods were not able to mount a comeback and the Atlas get their first win of the season. The Atlas dominated the Redwoods in hustle plays and won the groundball battle 41-26. Maybe the Woods thought they would have an easy one, but the Atlas came to play. Atlas win 12-9.

Sunday Games

Waterdogs vs Chrome

The Waterdogs play their second game of the weekend and they take on the Chrome who are looking for their first win of the year. The Waterdogs came out hot on Friday night and continue that heat with an early 2 pointer from Rylan Rees. The Chrome answer quickly with a Colin Heacock goal. Ryan Brown responds with a silky smooth rip assisted by Currier. The Waterdogs make a save on Guterding and the rebound goes all the way back to the defensive side, the Chrome are able to pick it up and throw it right back to an unguarded Justin Guterding who buries it on the second attempt. Kieran Mcardle makes his way on the field as a middie after being restricted on Friday and scores a goal for the Waterdogs. Ryan Brown starts showing off his shooting abilities with the next goal with a low angle lefty shot. The Waterdogs continue the run with a Mikie Schlosser bounce shot that goes in. The Chrome stop the run with a 2 pointer from Michael Manly in the last seconds of the first quarter. Waterdogs up 6-4. Ryan Brown now shows his range with a DEEP 1 point bounce shot. Both teams battle back and forth without a goal for a while and John Ranagan ends the scoring drought and bring the Chrome within 2. The Waterdogs get the ball late in the second quarter and call a timeout to draw up a play. Ben Reeves holds on to the ball until 10 seconds left on the shot clock, does a speed dodge up from the back left corner, gets to the middle of the field, rolls back, and rips a righty goal. Waterdogs up 8-5 at half. The Chrome start the scoring in the second half with a nice possession and ball movement leading to a Jackson Morrill finish. The Waterdogs are quick to answer with Ben Reeves finding Mikie Schlosser on the crease for a finish. A couple minutes later Justin Gutterding finds himself with a shorty at X, makes a couple moves and feeds Jackson Morrill on the crease for a Chrome goal. Next Kevin Rodgers gives an incredible individual effort and scores an amazing crease dive goal to bring Chrome with in one. Waterdogs up 9-8 heading into the fourth. Mikie Schlosser continues to win America's heart as he scores his third goal of the day extending the Waterdogs lead. Next Michael Kraus bodies his way through a check on an allley dodge and scores for the Waterdogs. Ryan Brown continues to show his catch and shoot abilities with his fourth goal of the day and extends the Waterdogs lead to 4. Dawgs up 12-8. Ben Reeves scores his second and it is a replica of his first. Dodging hard left, rolling back to the right and shooting quick. Ryan Brown scores his fifth goal of the day and brings the Waterdogs up by six with 1:30 left in the game. Jackson Morrill would end up scoring again to complete his hat trick, but the Chrome would not be able to make a comeback and the Waterdogs win 14-19.

Chaos vs Archer

Ian MacKay got the game started with a 2 pointer for the Chaos against his former team. Grant Ament is quick to answer with a sneaky little backhand goal for the Archers. Ian MacKay really wanted to stick it to his former team and comes up with another 2 point bomb. Good ball movement from the Chaos leads to a Dhane Smith step down goal. The Chaos get a penalty from a Will Manny slash on Riorden, but Blaze really sells it. The Man up oppurtunity leads to a jake Fraccaro low to high goal. Chaos up 6-1. The Archers start to get going with a Marcus Holman behing the back feed to Tom Schreiber goal. Next for the Archers Grant Ament gets a shorty off a big little, makes a move left to right and stings it near side.The Archers almost turn the ball over with an over and back but it's saved by Tom Schreiber, the ball is swung back around to Schreiber who slings it across the field to Will Manny who scores and waves at his defender. Archers are feeling it. Ament dishes to Will Manny and he again finishes a smooth lefty rip. Archers within one. Chaos up 6-5. The Chaos respond to the Archers 4-0 run with a Dhane Smith goal, and I think the one legging look is starting to grow on me. The Archers are still hot as Ryan Ambler makes a hustle play to disrupt the Chaos clear, he also makes a heady play to rush back into play and past SSDM Patrick Resch who is arguing with the ref about possession. Ambler draws a quick slide and hits Will Manny on the low left wing and bounces it in for a low angle goal. Stephen Kelly wins the ensuing face off and makes the Chaos D pay for not sliding as he ties it up at 7. The Archers start the scoring in the second half with a man up goal from Will Manny who again has a smooth low lefty quick stick finish. The Archers score another man up goal with a Connor Fields rip and take a 2 goal lead. The Archers continue their run with a Tom Schreiber twister goal. This is followed up by a Marcus Holman crease dive goal and thew Archers are up 11-7. The Chaos answer with Sergio Salcido dodging down the alley and getting underneath to score. The Archers respond with Will Manny's fifth goal of the day, and that concludes the third quarter. The Chaos would try and make a comeback, but both teams would fail to score in the fourth quarter and the Archers win 12-8.

What's Next?

With the PLL on a Bye this week I will be taking my energy and putting it towards a Draftkings Slander blog, because honestly they are starting to piss me off with all these fake promotions. More to come!

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