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Week 5, But Make It Quick. We Got America To Celebrate!!!

We have a fantastic long weekend ahead of us and it starts with some lacrosse in the land of a thousand lakes! I have a lot to prepare for this weekend so this will be swift and quick. Let's Go!

Woods vs Archers

The Woods and The Archers both lost 1 point games last week and will be looking to bounce back. The Archers are favored by 1.5 goals, but you know as a Woods fan I have to take them ML at +140. I also like Rob Pannell over 2.5 and Will Manny over 3.5 points.

Chrome vs Atlas

The Chrome are 4-0 and have the most wins in franchise history. The Atlas have just squeaked by the Archers, but still look like a dominant force in the league. I like Atlas -1.5 at +105 and I will also continue to ride with Jeff Teat overs that is set at 4.5.

Chaos vs Cannons

The Chaos are 0-4 and their box players are still transitioning to field. The Cannons looked great last week, but let up a huge Chromeback in the 2nd half. I like the Cannons here, especially with Asher Nolting at attack. With that being said, I think tht Chaos are bound to figure it out and will pick up their first win of the season. I also like Asher Nolting over 3.5 points.

Whips vs Waterdogs

Whips -1.5 and Rambo over 3.5. Thats it. Cue the Fireworks!

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