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Week 5 Recap

Week 5 of PLL action has come and gone and the league standings look a lot different from Week 4. The majority of the games were not super close, but the Sunday game made up for it. Let's go.

Waterdogs vs Cannons

The Waterdogs defeated the Cannons on Friday night 19-7 and pretty much dominated the entire game. It starts with Jake Withers at the stripe going 77% on face offs helping the Waterdogs execute their game plan, and their game plan was shoot early & shoot often. The Waterdogs were firing away and pretty much dominated this game the entire time. The Cannons looked stale on offense except for Tilt Daddy Drenner scoring a hat trick. Besides the Waterdogs shooting 50 times in this game, what really stuck with me was the Waterdogs last 2 possessions. With a healthy 12 point lead, the Waterdogs decided to pass the ball around the horn and not even attack the net. This is upsetting for 2 reasons.

1- The score differential matters in this league and deciding not to keep attacking the net could come back to hurt them in playoff seeding.

2- The over was set at 26.5 and it killed me to see them just waist the last two possessions as an Over bettor. Big Cat agrees.

Redwoods vs Whipsnakes

The Redwoods defeated a Rabmbo-less Whipsnakes on Saturday 13-7. This win was higlighted by the Woods defense holding the Whipsnakes attack to under 3 goals in each quarter and only 3 goals in the second half. We learned in a post game interview that the stellar defensive effort by the Woods was inspired by pretty much the best thing on earth. Beer! Timmy Troutner revealed that Coach Nat St Laurent had told the team that "Beer's are on me" if they held the Whips to under 8 goals and thats exactly what he did. Jay Carlson, Simon Matheis, and Mike Chanechuck all scored 2 goals for the Whips with Zed picking up the other. Carlson seemed to be a loose ball magnet in fornt of the net and Matheis picked up a couple easy ones. The Woods Offense was rolling and Matt Kav was the leading scorer with 4. Myles Jones and Jules Henningburg each got a hat trick with Jones hitting a couple on the run and Jules proving the All Star voters wrong scoring in multiple ways including a quick stick on the crease and a diving shot at the end of the shot clock. The Woods really held a grasp on the game the entire time and TD Irelan ended up winning the heavy weight battle between him and Nardella going 54% on the day. Their offense also effectively killed time with a lead by holding the ball until what it seemed like the last ten seconds of every shot clock. Woods win 13-7.

Chaos vs Atlas

The Atlas defeated the Chaos on Saturday night 16-10 and it was the Jeff Teat show with him scoring 4 goals and 4 assists on the day. The Chaos came out fast and scored the first 3 goals of the game with some nice inside feeding and finishing and their offense was grooving. Then the Atlas went on a 9 goal run holding the Chaos offense scoreless for almost 24 minutes. The Atlas continued their family style approach with this 9 goal run featuring multiple scorers including Jake Carraway, Dan Bucarro, and Trevor Baptise. The Chaos's scoring draught was finally ended by Mac O'Keefe and then we saw 2 long pole goals with one being a 2 pointer from CJ Costabile. Josh Byrne started to attack more aggressively and it paid off as he would end up bringing the Chaos within 1 after a nicer hard dodge to an inside roll to score and brought the game to 11-10. Sadly this was the Chaos's last goal and the Atlas would go on to score 5 straight to end the game. Atlas win 10-16

Chrome vs Waterdogs

The Waterdogs picked up their second win of the week after defeating the Chrome 12-6 on Sunday. The Waterdogs had another fantastic defensive outing with Dillion Ward saving 60% of shots and Eli Gobrecht recording 5 caused turnovers. Jake Withers also helped the Waterdogs win the possession game by winning 59% of face offs. Mikie Schlosser had a hat trick and the Waterdogs attack featured 8 other goal scorers including Ben Reeves who has figured out how to misdirect his bounce shots.

The Chrome offense was highlighted by Jordan MacIntosh who picked up 4 goals and Connor Farrell was able to pick up his second goal of the season. The Chrome couldn't do much with the Waterdogs controlling possession by shooting a lot and getting the second shot clock opportunities and cashing in. Waterdogs win 12-6.

Cannons vs Archers

The Cannons defeated the Archers on Sunday night in a thrilling game that came down to the end. The Archers scored the first three goals of the game with Connor Fields scoring two himself. The Cannons got on the board late in the first quarter with a Rehfuss-Drenner connection. The first quarter was capped off with Grant Ament hitting a crazy skip pass underhand through traffic to find a cutting Will Manny who finishes. Archers up 4-1 end of first. The second quarter started with Lyle Thompson proving the doubters wrong. He scored 3 straight goals in less then 2 minutes! His second goal came off a nice pick from Rabil and the back was his signature backhand dunk. The Archers swung back with a 4 goal run of their own with Ryan Ambler getting 2 including a diving effort around the crease. The Cannons would respond with another 3 goal run with Rehfuss scoring twice and Tilt Daddy picking up his second of the day. The Archers tried a last second heave towards the net where Holman was able to catch the ball near the net. The Cannons D overreacted and got called for a slashing penalty to end the half. Archer up 8-7 at half. The Cannons defense showed up in the 3rd quarter and it started with defending the Power Play to perfection, not even allowing the Archers to get a shot off. The scoring in the second half began with a nifty back hand feed from Lyle to Rabil in front for a quick stick to tie the game. The Rehfuss would find a cutting Shayne Jackson who would give the Cannons the lead. The Archers would tie it back up late in the third with Ryan McNamara scoring a step down goal. The stadium roared for Ryan as they were playing in his hometown of Eagan Minnesota. The Cannons responded with another 3 goal run with Lyle Thompson scoring 2 in a row and another Rehfuss to Jackson connection in the final seconds of the quarter. Cannons up 12-9 at the end of the 3rd. The Archers started the 4th with a 3 goal run featuring Will Manny, Tom Schreiber, and Connor Fields with the last goal coming with 4 minutes left and the game tied at 12. Then a minute later Lyle Thompson would power through his defender and keep his balance and find Shayne Jackson who scores to take the lead. The Archers would have a chance with a Power Play to end the half but the Cannons D stood tall and was bailed out by an incredible last second save by Nick Marrocco. The Defense again stood tall after failing to clear the ball after the save and the Cannons hold on to win 13-12.

What's Next?

Sorry about the late recap this week to anyone who is following, but I doubt there are any. We have the All Star Game this weekend, a bye week, and the we head to Colorado for week 6. Be on the lookout for a more detailed article diving into Ben Reeves's curveball shot and how it has to do with the new ball design, maybe...

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