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Why The Cannons +2000 Was Too Good To Pass Up

Okay People, Draftkings Sportsbook dropped their future odds for the 2021 Premiere Lacrosse League Championship and I am absolutely gassed. The odds looked like this on May 9th.

The Cannons are rightfully the biggest underdog to win the Championship as they are the second expansion team for the PLL in two years, but the Cannons at +2000 was too good to pass up. I whole heartedly believe that the Cannons have a decent chance of winning the 2021 Championship and here are five reasons why I took advantage of the odds while I could.

1. Betting The Underdog Is Fun

So I am new to this whole betting thing since I only got into betting because of the PLL, but I love betting underdogs. There is something about that little + that sways my opinion on a game where I am 50/50 about the outcome. Not only do I love betting underdogs, I love betting BIG underdogs. It gives you something to root for and it always makes the game, or in this case season, a lot more spicy. Plus even the smallest bets will give you huge payout, like a $20 bet would give you a $420 payout #LegalizeIt

2. Lyle Thompson

Lyle Thompson, of the Hawk Clan from Onondaga Nation, is finally in the PLL and I simply cannot wait to watch him play. Lyle looks at lacrosse not as a sport, but a way of life, and he is good at it. He plays to entertain the Creator, and entertaining he is. Lyle Thompson is the most unpredictable and fun player to watch in the sport of lacrosse because he makes the impossible look easy. His creative style of play is a nightmare for defensive coordinators, which is why it was a no brainer the Cannons selected him #1 overall in the 2021 Entry Draft. Lyle draws so much attention from the defense that he makes everyone around him better, and Lyle is joining some certified weapons with the Cannons LC. Words do not do Lyle justice when talking about his mesmerizing style of play, so here are some of his highlights.

3. Tilt Daddy Drenner

The Cannons added Ryan Drenner with the third pick in the 2021 Expansion Draft. Drenner is a player who knows how to adapt to new locker rooms as this will be Drenner’s third team in three years in the PLL, playing with the Whipsnakes in 2019 and the Waterdogs in 2020. Ryan is a laid back, glue guy in the locker room. Just picture Matthew McConaughey hanging out in the locker room playing chel or shooting hoops. Alright, Alright, Alright.

Tilt Daddy Drenner was a 2019 All Star, scoring 19 times and leading the league in game winning goals with four. He doubled the runner up, Deemer Class, who is now Drenner’s teammate and tied for most goals in the fourth quarter with eight. Captain Clutch pulls his helmet down and turns up his game in the fourth quarter.

In 2020 Drenner netted the first ever goal for the Waterdogs LC scoring three goals and one assist in their 5 games.

Although the Tilt King has recently been spotted with some questionable socks, this same picture confirms the flow will be in full effect this summer, only adding to the this mans steeze.

4. Brodie "Living Legend" Merril

The Cannons selected Brodie Merril with their 1st overall pick in the 2021 Expansion Draft. Merril is a well-respected veteran defensemen and his professional career started in 2005 where he was named MLL rookie of the year. He went on to be named the MLL Defensive Player of the Year for the next six seasons. SIX!

In 2009 Merril helped lead the Toronto Nationals to win the MLL Championship in their inaugural season. So if anyone knows how to win with a brand new team it’s Brodie Merril. Merril is a familiar face for Cannons fans as he played for them from 2014-2018 and scored this Hail Mary goal to force OT in 2016!

This will also be Merril’s 3rd team in three years in the PLL, playing with the Chaos in 2019 and the Waterdogs in 2020. Brodie Merril ages like fine wine and is still a top tier defensemen at the professional level. The Cannons add a tremendous leader on the defensive end and a veteran role model for the younger players with Brodie Merril.

5. The Paul Rabil Story

Paul Rabil, 2019 All Star and Co-Founder of the PLL, was traded to the Cannons LC in the offseason prior to the expansion draft making him the first player on the Cannons in the PLL. Rabil’s legendary lacrosse career started with the Cannons in 2008 when he was drafted #1 overall in the MLL collegiate draft. He was named MLL MVP twice and MLL Offensive Player of the Year three times in his six years with the Cannons. This acquisition by the Cannons sets up the PLL and the sport world with all the ingredients for a great story. Paul Rabil going back to the team that kick started his professional career, in the league that he built, and against all odds he leads them to win a championship in their inaugural season. Rabil goes out on top and retires to focus on the growth of the league, solidifying the PLL and lacrosse as the league and sport of the future. Rabil finally relaxes and reflects on his perfect league.


What I am trying to get across is the Cannons LC will be a competitive team in their inaugural season and seeing them with +2000 odds to win the 2021 Championship was too good to be true so I capitalized when I could. I mean look at what the odds are just a week later.

I will be putting out weekly gambling advice on the Premiere Lacrosse League so make sure to give me a follow to see what the bookmakers get wrong next and tune in to all the Premiere Lacrosse League Games on Peacock (Link Below) starting June 4th when the Cannons take on my beloved Redwoods for Friday Night Lacrosse in the 2021 season opener!

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