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Week 7 PLL Action

Alright people, we are back to writing a full blog for the weekend slate of games and I am excited. I have learned the hard way that the only possible way to successfully bet on the PLL is with Player Props and I have been having a ton of fun with them. Last week I tweeted a Player Prop pick for every game and went 2-2 but still up since I only pick bet with a + in front of them. With that being said I will dive into each game, but I think I am going to focus on the Player Props a lil more. Let's get into it!

Archers vs Atlas

The Atlas are coming off a gritty loss to the Redwoods and The Archers are coming off a win against the Cannons after a strong second-half performance. Both teams are known for their explosive offensive power and pace of play so I am expecting some fireworks to start off the week. The over is set at 25.5 and since my original instinct was to take the over something is telling me to take the under. DraftKings has changed it up a bit and added in goals over/under as player props, but honestly that scares me too much. I'd much rather watch a game and root for a player to get an assist or a goal rather than just root for goals, so I am sticking with points and the only 2 plays that have a + in front of them are Jeff Teat over 4.5 and Marcus Holman under 2.5. I have been smashing Lyle and Teat overs all year and they seem to be doing me justice, so I of course am taking Jeff Teat over 4.5 at +155. I am expecting a close game so my other play here would be Archers -1.5 as I could easily see them winning let alone keep it a 1 goal game.

Chrome vs Whipsnakes

The Whips are back in familiar territory and are currently the #1 seed in the league, the Chrome are sitting at 4th but are on a 2-game losing streak after starting the season 4-0. This game can go 1 of 2 ways. 1- Nail bitter game and the Whips pull it out because they are used to close games. 2- The Whips absolutely destroy the Chrome and hand them their 3rd straight loss. I mean there is a chance that the Chrome upset the Whips, I just don't see it happening (now it probably will). I checked out the player props and none of them looked intriguing so I had to check out the Goal props and tbh they are looking pretty tasty. Both Matt Rambo & Brendan Nichtern are at +185 for over 2.5 goals, get outta here. That's easy money. I love both those picks and I don't even care that I just said Goal over/under scares me. That and Whips -1.5 for sure.

Cannons vs Waterdogs

The Cannons are on a 5 game losing streak and The Waterdogs are on a 3-game winning streak. The Cannons also just let go of Tyson Bell, who I think is one of the most talented players in the league, so with that, I am taking the Waterdogs. Looking at the Player Props and again they are looking pretty dim. I would hammer Lyle over 4.5 points but that is a measly -110, so I am more intrigued by him at over 3.5 goals at +130. I would also take Cannons -1.5 at +115 as I think the Cannons will lose another heartbreaker.

Chaos vs Redwoods

Redwoods are coming off a high scoring upset and the Chaos are coming off a loss to the Whips. There is only 1 thing to say here, an that is ROLL WOODS!!!! I absolutely love the Chaos and their style of play, but I am a day one Woods fan. I am picking Woods all the way as a fan, but lets take a look at the Player Props. Rob Pannell and Dhane Smith are both set at over 3.5 and I would hop on both. As I said, Goal over/under scares me, but we gunna ride on this. I love Dhane as a player and Rob Pannell will for sure get 2 assists to help his total. So with that being said you should probably fade all and everyone of my picks.

Final Announcements

It's a beautiful day for lacrosse!

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